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About Brasília

Brasília — the capital of Brazil — is a landmark of modern architecture, recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. In fact, the charms of the city go far beyond Lúcio Costa’s urban project, Oscar Niemeyer’s monuments and Athos Bulcão’s open-air art panels.

During the dry season, when the event will be held, the sky transforms into a colorful spectacle at sunset, from blue to intense orange, brushed by subtle pink and lilac tones. On the shores of the large Paranoá Lake, people can take a walk through parks, enjoy great cuisine, play sports or go on a boat ride to get to know Brasília from another perspective, from the water. The cultural scene is another highlight, with several options of galleries, museums and musical events. All of which are more intense during July, a month when several temporary outdoor festivals take place.

The vegetation, composed of trees with thick and crooked trunks, spreads throughout the city-park. It is the Cerrado, the cradle of fresh waters, the second largest biome in South America, embracing its visitors with great biodiversity.

In the vicinity of this young city, visitors will find options for tours to very charming historical sites, such as Planaltina, Pirenópolis and the Cidade de Goiás. For those who enjoy hiking and waterfalls, the recommendation is to extend the trip to the exuberant Chapada dos Veadeiros.

*Images: Agência Brasília.

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Points of Interest:

Itamaraty Palace
Metropolitan Cathedral
National Congress Palace
Three Powers Square
Federal Council of Medicine
Conference Venue

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